Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Work Crew

I am strong and this wardrobe is a LOT bigger than me.

I mean, it's hollow, but it's 3x2x6 and made of wood. We alternate with who pulls the refrigerator-moving dolly because the edge digs into our arms and in my case, leaving my arms slack while I pull it pretty much exhausts them. Part of the weight of the wardrobe is on the wheels but I think because I tilt it down so far a lot of the weight is on my arms, too.

Today I was pulling it and it wasn't so bad! But afterwards I rode in the truck I thought the door was locked because I couldn't get it open but it turns out I was just too tired to pull on the door handle hard enough.


Robert van de Walle said...

made me laugh!

Pink Paint said...

Hi Caitlyn, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to kindly ask if you would like to contact me outside this forum about the posting below or possibly removing that post from your blog. Many thanks, Ashley.

Pink Paint said...

Caitlan, I writing again to ask if you would kindly consider contacting me outside this forum about the post a few below or possibly removing it from your blog. Many thanks, Ashley F.