Saturday, August 7, 2010

Everything I've been up to lately!

This is the best summer I can remember- great friends, productive job, good health beautiful location, a little bit of pocket money... I'll be thrilled to be back in art school though. I have very little time to develop my ideas so my creativity has been mainly things I can do in one sitting.
fresh blackberries available all the time
firenight (as a spectator except one fabulous time)
hanging out at Big Longs
jetskiing for the first time
roller coasters
losing at air hockey (my hair is wet in this picture because I am silly and went in the ocean at night which is dangerous.)
maintaining my dreads
trip to sacto
scavenging clothes

Not pictured: baking, cooking, gardening, biking, drinking, studying japanese, swimming, driving, and watching 7 seasons of King of the Hill.

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