Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fishnets for Everyday Wear

In this photo I tried to demonstrate that a very short skirt and fishnets can look ordinary. I might be deluding myself but I LIKE both of those things and DON'T LIKE lusting strangers so I am trying to make this work. The first picture I took still looked a bit sexy though so I did the opposite of a lady pose, and took up a lot of space and looked big.
I love tall socks! They make short skirts so much more comfortable in the October-April weather. Also, if you lose a 2 1/2 foot long teal sock in the wash it will turn right up! But this post is about fishnet socks. If you have not worn stretchy fishnets, I really recommend them. They are super comfortable, kind of like a light massage (if you have thick leg hair you probably can't feel them though). I also adore how they look. Ones that contrast strongly with your skin color (on me that's black or white) have a gridded cartesian effect, mapping your contours. It's like I'm wearing a drawing of my legs, on my legs. It's especially cool because that same pair, or an identical pair, could map practically any person's contours- fishnets are the stretchiest things ever.

Fishnets with less contrast look alternately like a low res video game version of myself, with tiled/pixeled skin, or maybe they look like scales on a fish or chainmail. But fishnets have this huge connotation of being way sexy, and while I might someday want to look sexy-cause-i'm-trying-hard instead of sexy-cause-i-am, I want to wear fishnets a lot more often than I want to look sexy, and I want to wear them in contexts that I don't want to look sexy, such as for example in public. So I am figuring out different ways to wear them. I already like to wear socks over them, because I don't want my feet touching my shoes through the net and getting smelly. I hear that people like to wear them over socks, and I tried them on that way and it is so pretty, in this case the pink over teal pops! But it does not feel like a massage. I didn't wear them that way for very long but I think it would be frustrating to try to pull up socks through fishnets. I think another way to make them everyday is to wear a color that matches my skin or is close in shade but drab or neutral. That way it's subtler. Another way might be to wear a longer skirt.


KidBlondie said...

I enjoy sock folding.

Michelle Cline said...

I know they weren't supposed to be the main focus, but where did you get the socks? They are awesome and I want some!