Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vitamins and Exercise

This summer I am using my body A LOT and it is rewarding and taxing. I have been eating huge amounts because I am so hungry. But in the past 2 weeks I have been craving meat and more meat, and since I can't eat that much meat I have been having really unsatisfying snacks. But today I got nutrition tested at the chiropractors' office where my mom works and got four bottles of supplements so that I won't have to eat all the food I'd need to get the nutrients I need.

I also have had a lot of minor and a few major aches and pains in the past few months. I torqued my pelvis, have recurring pinched and compressed feeling spots in my back, reinjured my right knee, get twinges in my left knee, my wrists are stiff and hurt if I use them for much, my ribs pinch my muscles, the bones in the middle of my right foot hurt, and sometimes one of my elbows hurts but I forget which. Anyway, it's really good that I have chiropractic to sort me out before I go and reinjure myself.

This is a little strange, but no matter what I lift or how much I swim or rockclimb, I can only do a few push ups. It used to be my arms would hurt, but now it's my wrists. I found that doing pushups with closed fists instead of spread palms doesn't hurt but I looked it up in case I was making a different problem down the line. My chiro said it is fine and to try doing a few push ups several times a day instead of once. So that's exciting!


timmer said...

u r getting olde.

Caitlan said...

Definitely. I need the future to meet me halfway so I can have bionic knees and everything.