Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sock Dream Review

I want to review the socks I ordered from Sock Dreams as my splurge last paycheck. I spent 35 dollars for 5 pairs of socks (shipping is free). To me that is a lot to pay for socks. But I only pay retail for socks, shoes, and underclothes, and if I am going to pay full price for something I want it to be exactly what I want. Also, they are so big and long that I never lose them.

The Sock Dreams website has details about how high and stretchy all their socks are, and they have testers of different shoe sizes and leg lengths and circumferences, but instead of finding a measuring tape I just eyed the model and imagined how the sock would look if I made it stretch more in width. On this round of socks that didn't totally work so I found the tape and measured everything out and compared with their recommendations. I have fattish legs that are long for my height, which is 5' 3".
These are my leg circumferences, from the ground up:
calf: 14"
above knee: 15"
thigh: 26" at the top, 20" at the part that thigh highs are usually worn.
inseam: 31"
So here are my reviews:

From the website description:
Will fit up to 20-inch thighs, maybe 21. They will fit 19 inch calves nicely, though the tops may not go up too high if your legs are larger than 21 above the knee. For more top stretch, you might try cutting off the cuffs and wearing them with sock garters. Length is easily 30 inches from heels to tops.
These are beautifully long and after I pulled them as high as the cuff would go (which made my leg puff out around the cuff) I had some still scrunched up. Also, as I was pulling them on the cuff separated from the sock. So it looks like I will be doing their garter suggestion.

45 inches from toe to top before you put them on, less once they stretch to go on your legs. These should fit a standard medium range & smaller, fitting 22 inch thighs snugly and comfortably. We found that, thanks to the ribbing, these stay up quite well!
These are amazing! Very snug because they are ribbed all the way up, and the foot is cushy and thick. My leg pooches out the top a little bit but these are so warm I will wear them in the dead of winter so my skirts might be a little longer. They are very sturdy feeling. I scrunched them down below my knees and it was like wearing soft boots. I am not sure what shoes I can wear them with because they are so thick. Also, the ribbing makes my legs look a lot wider and stocky, which I can't figure out because they only add maybe 2mm on each side. I like the stockiness, it works very well in brown, but I am not sure about the effect if I bought one of the lighter colors.

These start at approximately 24 inches from heel to top, but may only be knee-high on longer legs or thigh- high on shorter legs. The other colors should be fine up to 17 or 18 inches. Anyone with a calf circumference of less than 16 inches should have no problems with any of them.

My very favorite socks in the world are the O Basics. They are cotton and they are just perfect with everything! They come in 27 colors! However most of them don't look like my kind of colors. There are a lot of pastels and dark colors. I like brights and neutrals. I have dark brown, denim, gold, natural, plum, and teal. They need pulling up after walking somewhere, and I think the denim pair I just leave at knee height because they shrank in the dryer or something. The O basics look really nice with my low heeled character shoes, and I usually wear them with plain flats (my school is in a forest so heels aren't the best).

Medium size range, fits about shoe size 6-10.5. Larger feet may fit into these, but will likely wear through the toes and heels sooner. Length about 25 inches from heel to tops (or less when worn, depending on your leg size). Width is 19-20 inches at the tops but only 17-18 on the calves.These can be a bit loose around the feet and ankles.

this picture makes them look so cute! Maybe the bagginess is cute, but it's not comfortable to me.
I wouldn't buy these again. I think these would look nice with knee length pants, which I don't intend to wear. The brown and the blue are cute but I like stripes that contrast a whole lot. And, they are indeed loose around the feet and ankles. I think I will see if my mom or boyfriend want them. It's cool that you can pick from a lot of different base colors and a lot of different stripe colors, but they are too baggy on my feet.

Label says: One size fist most (90-160 lbs), but we've had feedback telling us they fit much larger folks very well!
Love! Definitely need garters but these are so comfy. I was surprised how soft the material is when I opened the package. The diamonds are very small compared to the other fishnets I have which means more warmth and less dramatic lines. I think they sort of diffuse light over my legs. The effect is a little like pantyhose. I bought these in beige and they're rather paler than my summer legs. I think that looks fine, but I know they will look totally different on my winter legs.

After trying a few pairs of socks over them I think ankle socks are perfect because I like how long my legs look this way. These are Leg Avenue brand, which I usually avoid because I like cotton socks and their socks are all nylon, sheer, not breathable, and made for thinner legs than mine. However fishnets are so stretchy and open that none of that affects the wear. They don't have a reinforced toe which is silly, and they caught on my rough fingertips and toes, but they are strong so that doesn't make them run. I definitely want more but none of the colors catch my eye.


K said...

I love sock dreams, but have never ordered because it always seemed expensive for socks/tights. I may place an order soon though because those brown socks look so comfy.. Nice review!


kori said...

Eeeep! Hi Caitlan, Kori here from Sock Dreams. I just read your reviews, specifically regarding the M Stripes that ripped apart when you pulled them up. This sounds like an obvious defect, and we'd be more than happy to exchange them for you, if you like. Please contact us at if you are interested in returning your torn socks, and we'll set you up. Sorry you got a wonky pair :(

Caitlan said...

kori-since they were tight at the top and the description said I might have to cut off the tops and use garters I think I will do that. Only the top band separated.

kai- I think the sock dream label socks are not too expensive, but they certainly have really fancy socks too.