Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Art Skills

I am pretty good with photoshop, even though I never use it and I only have Paint on my computer. You click things, the software does the work, and you have something generic to show for very little time input. Now it's yellower; now it's in a bubble. Like, whee. Idk why but I am beyond uninterested in learning to do graphics on a computer. Where is the part where I drag something huge for 30 miles over a period of weeks? How am I going to break a sweat? How will I bleed? How will I know I'm done for the day if my bones and joints and fingertips aren't crying for me to stop? Where is the danger of traffic or molten steel or at least a table saw? How will I even get dirty? But I am starting to think maybe I should open up to digital art, so that I can like, idk, have a mass mailed or postered or projected or flipbook component to my work.