Monday, May 5, 2014

I kind of love throwing away reusable stuff.

A few days ago my landlady took me shopping on Berkeley to make sure I was out of the house while she fumigated. I got to go to Daiso, the dollar-and-a-half store of housewares and things. I usually get bento boxes there, since I always eventually let mine rot away- for me, reusable food storage containers are not much longer lasting than disposable ones. Everything in Daiso is plastic or silicone or some other synthetic, except the stationery and the food, so I was totally surprised when at the register I couldn't get a plastic bag. 

The same day, I made The Worst Cup of Tea in the World. I put three black tea bags into some previously hot water, and when they didn't steep I remembered the carton of premade chai I had and decided to mix them together. I fished out the tea bags, poured out some of the very weak tea, then forgot what I was doing and filled the rest of my to-go cup with milk. Then I remembered, poured part of it out, and topped it up with the chai and thought, "this is the worst cup of tea in the world." I was sort of looking forward to trying it but instead left it in my house while it was being fumigated, rendering it either dangerous or just scary (I am okay with not knowing the ins and outs of poisons). Then I inadvertently let it sit out and it curdled horribly and very quickly so I  didn't try to salvage the cup. I think I used it for nearly 8 weeks, so that was pretty good. When I throw away reusable cups and bags I try to reckon whether they weighed more or less than the disposable option and I think this time it weighed less  which is probably the first time that's happened. 

I love my replacement to-go cup. It is a plain white ceramic cup in the shape of a paper coffee cup and the sleeve and the sippy lid are both green silicone.