Friday, February 15, 2013

What does the inside of a geode look like?

I wanted to properly see the inside of a geode, so I filled it with casting silicone
and peeled it out. 

The cast actually has glittery facets. 
And it looks nice backlit, kind of biological because of the color. It's pretty small. I could cover an led night light with it, or use it to cast a crystal texture.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Casting Silicone

 Beeswax is my preferred wax. When I was a kid, Dad used to keep bees, and I did so many little projects with the wax we'd harvest. It smells amazing and it just feels wholesome. Also I am not that good at making things out of beeswax because it is so hard and splintery. My models slated for casting in silver would take hours and be super prone to damage. Since they are intended for sale, I feel like I have to keep my labor hours down a little bit so I decided to cast some blanks and forms to work with.
 I mixed up too much of this Smooth On casting silicone, so I rushed to find little items to cast, and those ended up being great. This stuff is so easy to use. I just mixed the two bottles together and poured it over my sprued models. I wish that in school we used real modern casting supplies instead of learning the process/theory with plaster of paris cast in plaster of paris molds. You have to use specialty vaseline to keep the casting plaster from sticking to the mold, completely avoid undercuts, the plaster makes an enormous mess that can't be washed up, and the process takes days because each stage has to cure/dry. Also, you are an adult, a sculptor even, whose plaster cast has sealed permanently into your mold, and can only be removed in bits, before being presented for critique and grading.
 It is even a great color.
Ring blank, heart, house, bear, light bulb, person blank
I didn't carve the heart, so I wouldn't cast anything from it to sell. (The light bulb is fair game, I am sure.)  My boyfriend noticed me noticing it among the costume jewelry at a discount store and surprised me with it. The silver has worn off so I thought it would be sweet to cast it in silver, to show how much I like it.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Structure #1

Up in Santa Rosa it's refreshingly rural. So many trees, so few neighbors. I am dotting the hill we live on with little structures. This is the first. It is a half tent (privacy and solitude for your upper half) made of a shoe rack and lace scraps, plus a bit of bamboo. And it's all sewn with dental floss. 

After spending so much time busily in transition- driving across the country and helping mom pack, and editing my belongings into a smaller and smaller pile, I was really ready to get to sculpting my first day up here. So I leapt right into building this shoe rack tent. The floor is a pair of giant pallets that Dad salvaged a while ago. And it's under a tarp, so maybe it doesn't have to be waterproofed? I would like to varnish it, but then I can't use the fabric on the next incarnation. I think it's actually pretty lovely, but it's definitely not going to keep weather out, and I have to store my toiletries and books in the house or my car. It's 34 or 39 degrees every night here. I think being an ascetic is good for me, but at the same time, I don't like it.
Here's an interior view. It really is pretty.