Monday, February 4, 2013

Structure #1

Up in Santa Rosa it's refreshingly rural. So many trees, so few neighbors. I am dotting the hill we live on with little structures. This is the first. It is a half tent (privacy and solitude for your upper half) made of a shoe rack and lace scraps, plus a bit of bamboo. And it's all sewn with dental floss. 

After spending so much time busily in transition- driving across the country and helping mom pack, and editing my belongings into a smaller and smaller pile, I was really ready to get to sculpting my first day up here. So I leapt right into building this shoe rack tent. The floor is a pair of giant pallets that Dad salvaged a while ago. And it's under a tarp, so maybe it doesn't have to be waterproofed? I would like to varnish it, but then I can't use the fabric on the next incarnation. I think it's actually pretty lovely, but it's definitely not going to keep weather out, and I have to store my toiletries and books in the house or my car. It's 34 or 39 degrees every night here. I think being an ascetic is good for me, but at the same time, I don't like it.
Here's an interior view. It really is pretty.

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