Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Japanese Shopping Service

My first order from was super exciting. Before I ordered, I wasn't even sure they would accept an American credit card. I could not believe all the titles that were available to me, all the crafting books with amazing photos. From craft swaps I know that very small packages can end up costing a lot to ship internationally, but for two books it was only $12.40. That was 5 months ago. I was ready to put in another order but NOTHING in my order could be shipped to me. I wanted a few DVDs that are only available used, and some cans of coffee. I thought about it for a couple of days. The base price for one of the DVDs was $5, and I have wanted it for a few years. I decided to use a shopping service. There are so many fees! The service fee is separate from the percentage fee and the order fee and the item fee, plus of course double shipping. As I looked at the breakdown I reminded myself that I was buying 4 things for $40 (before international shipping), so even though the fees looked ridiculous they were fine. Today they have sent me six emails. 
It feels like at this rate I should just go to Japan, but if I do that I will of course want to have the practice. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Adult Ballet

Ballet is magical, my childhood feelings mixed with awareness of ballet in art history and ballet development... It is just beautiful. The class I am taking is not in a dance studio. It is in a mixed use studio at the gym where I work. It's used for yoga and stretching but it is sort of transformed when we pull out the barres and our little scuffing sounds start. I think I have been to four classes and already I am doing it! My first two days were difficult to follow along like I only knew first position and I could not do the arm portion whatsoever because I had to focus on the steps. 

The instructors teach in socks which I think is very welcoming as a signal to new members to come as you are. Socks honestly are doing the job perfectly. Good amount of traction, good amount of slip. The other students have shoes though and they are dainty and lovely so of course I want some. Sometimes one person will be wearing !dancewear like leg warmers or a half shrug and it is just all delightful.