Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yeah, ADITL photos finally up!

I am working full time this summer painting and cleaning Porter B dorm. There are 4 of us plus our boss working on a 255 room dorm. Fortunately, it was completely redone when it was earthquake retrofitted so there is only a year worth of wear and tear. Unfortunately, Porter is UCSC's art college and artists love to modify their living spaces which is a pain to repair. Some things, like a wall half covered in photo mounting corners, were no big deal. But the amount of boogers and modeling clay and other, less recognizable things I scrubbed off of hundreds of walls makes me less sympathetic.
This is the view from B dorm (where I work) of A dorm (under construction; we will help with light tasks to get it ready starting at the end of August). Actually on the left you can see part of B dorm because it is [ shaped. The two dorms surround a central courtyard, which used to be grassy and lovely with a low stage, towering totem pole, benches and native plants, surrounded by murals, but right now it's dirt and cement with a cluster of native plants surrounded by a chain link fence and coated in thick dust from the construction.
This is the view from the side of the dorm facing away from the courtyard. The near stairs go to the mailroom and dining hall and the far balcony is The Hungry Slug, a cafe that is really expensive IMO like a burrito and coke will cost $10.

This is what the view from my ride home used to look like before I discovered that the bike path takes a little less time and is way more beautiful and has little hills and swoops that make the ride delightful.

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