Thursday, August 12, 2010

I've been thinking about a new art project

When I went to youtube and searched for "post it proposal" there was nothing and I realized the product is supposed to be the markers. But the proposal is done with the post its. A real sharpie proposal could be writing it on yourself before undressing, or writing it on the back of all the seats on a subway train for her commute (using her first name to make it clear) or on the side of your water bottle with a picture of you at the summit of something that you send to her with your phone or just, something a permanent marker is uniquely suited to. Not a post it, anything can write on a post it.

But besides the post its stealing the show on that commercial, it is still a terrible proposal. In my beginning art classes we had to be reminded that the materiality is very important, eg don't use bubble wrap unless you can back it up conceptually, but now it is second nature to me to think about that when choosing materials. Like, did they meet at the office? What about that hot air balloon they rode on, wouldn't that make a good proposal opportunity? And the other thing they teach us, which I am still working on, is to go big unless there is a reason not to. Develop something all the way out. What if that commercial was a time lapse of a guy stacking sharpie pens layer by layer until they spelled "Will You Marry Me?" and since that doesn't demonstrate the no bleed formula they could have a joke about broken hearts and no bleed pens. Or PMS teariness and no bleed pens.

Anyway, I want to propose to someone because I know I could do a great one. But my boyfriend is a teenager and he is not super responsible. But on the other hand, who else am I going to propose to? So then I thought you can propose absolutely millions of things besides marriage. So I guess I am going to use the over the top well designed proposal as a model for sharing messages and go from there.

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