Sunday, August 8, 2010

Looking at old academic records

I am trying to get organized to really take advantage of my final three quarters and I was reading my narrative evals (one for every UCSC class). Every one from a GE is essentially: she showed up, participated, did good papers and okay exams. All of them from art history and art, though, were making me blush to read them all in a row, until I got to the first studio/lecture class I did. It was 2d foundation, intended for frosh but I took it as a sophomore and I liked it. Many of the students were already super talented and most had taken drawing in highschool. So, my drawings weren't well executed but I think they were conceptually solid. I don't think I even looked at my eval for that class, or if I did I repressed it. Anyway, here it is:

Overall, Caitlan accomplished fair work throughout the quarter. She was somewhat engaged with class assignments, although she demonstrated minimal skills in approaching the variety of exercises. Her attendance was inconsistent and participation in critiques was often tangential or careless. On the whole, Caitlan's four major project assignments were weak in concept and unconvincing in execution. Her written statements accompanying the projects ranged from not passing quality to barely adequate. Caitlan would benefit from practice in technical drawing, research in color and composition, and personal writing about her subject matter. To her credit, Caitlan had a bright, upbeat attitude overall.
--Ashley Freinberg, TA

Just, ouch. I guess her standards were just different than the rest of the department, but even given that I don't think my participation in crit could possibly have been careless.

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