Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I lost my phone.

I lost my cell phone this weekend. It still might be somewhere though. The only reason I think it might be Lost For Ever is because I called it while searching my bf's house (where I was staying) and while searching my car and I didn't hear the ring. And the hoodie I was wearing this weekend has one pocket that is completely open at the end and one pocket that is intact so I might have gotten them confused and stashed my phone in the black hole one. It's okay though; I didn't bond with my Samsung the way I did with my Razr.

I decided to use this as a springboard for a mail art project where I mailed off everything I would have sent as a text. Ideally I would gather these back for display but realistically I photographed them before I sent them off and could display them digitally. Yesterday I sent like 15 letter texts but today I seem to have got used to being isolated and only wrote maybe 2.

My expectation was that this project would show me that lots of my texts are about nothing and it's fine not to be reassured by textees all day long, and some would be important enough still to matter in 3 days' time when the USPS gets them to their destination.

So far this project has shown me that it costs only a little more to send physical things by an elaborate physical process than it takes to send info only via magic and satellites and more magic. Magic must be more expensive than it seems.

ETA: My friend who the postcard above was for saw my link to this post on facebook and my phone was in fact in his car. I feel let down by the USPS but thrilled that I don't have to get a new phone.

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