Friday, August 27, 2010

About bodies and shaving.

I wish I could look like I don't shave and feel like I do shave. I bought a pack of 4 Venus Vibrance razor heads yesterday for $13.99. The one that came with my razor lasted me like 5 months (vs the 3-4 weeks that my last brand, Schick Intuition, would last) so I went to their website to see if they have a mention of why it lasts so long. My hunch was that taking it out of the bathroom to keep the battery parts from corroding kept the razors drier which is good for them. The website is really patronizing. Here are two parts I didn't like:
This one says "it's all about helping her develop self-confidence- let her find a routine that works for her." I don't see any way that shaving develops self confidence. It lets you look ordinary which takes less confidence than looking hairy, so it lets you bypass self confidence, but I don't see how it builds it. Well it could build confidence in your fine motor (guiding the razor) and gross motor skills (balancing in a wet environment) but that is clearly not what this webpage means.
This one says "since puberty is ruled by hormones and not fads, it's safe to say that if she really wants to shave, it might be time." First, I thought teenagers weren't allowed to do whatever their hormones say. Second, growing the hair is the part that is hormones, not shaving it all off to look like you've regressed to preteen years. I don't think shaving is a true fad because it has been around for a while, but it's not an immutable part of life either.

So. Ethically I guess I don't support the culture of shaving. If I'm not constantly sexy, then I'm not. But I really don't like how my skin feels when I have armpit and pubic hair, and feeling is what my skin does best (besides holding in my insides and keeping out the outside world). It's like, itchy. And for my armpits, how would I get deodorant on through the hair? Luckily, I like how my leg hair feels as well as how it looks, but shaving my other body hair still leaves me patronizing a company that is patronizing me. :(

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