Sunday, May 2, 2010

womb sculpture

I am making a rather fantastic object. It is a womb space. I planned it to have a red fleece outside and a pink fleece inside but the red and pink fleece at beverly's looked terrible. I found a beautiful purple fleece to use, but nothing to go with it until I found 2 yards of faux fur. The fur clung to me from static when I picked it up, and then all I had to decide was which piece of fabric to put on the inside and which the outside. I had been really committed to having a hidden brightness inside the womb but the geometric potential of the fleece and the tactile potential of the fur made it work better the other way around.
Here it is upside down, how I am working on it:
It is a little more than half done with the sewing- all around the perimeter and tacked down at some other points.

In these pictures it looks beautiful with the open side up... I will find out tomorrow whether in looks beautiful the way it is intended.
I just like this object so much. It is super different than my plan (made from wool and shaped like a banana and hung from the ceiling) but I love it. When I am done showing it I am going to keep it on my bed and hide in it all the time.

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