Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Possessions Project

Well tracing everything I like to carry is going well. I ran out of paper but I can get more in the art department tommorow. I think I only need 2 more pages. Here is everything, purse, swim bag, and laptop bag. It is pretty big. This will, unless I think of something else, be on the wall behind my big yellow luggage.
this is the minimal amount of stuff I feel I need to carry about. It should be "housekeys" while I am on campus with no plans to go off. I don't mean that's all I should carry each day, but that it is a good bare minimum. I can walk home, borrow a pen from the classroom or from someone, and I can come home and get my id if I need to go to the dining hall. Still, the contrast with the 8 pages of comfort stuff is good I think.
This is unrelated. But a lady Bevin who blogs at queer fat femme does this face in like all her pictures (and after I said that I scrolled through 2 pages of her blog without finding that expression, maybe she is over it) and I think it is really good so I am taking it. Like, I am in an okay mood right now but if I make that face I look like I am super excited! And it is really just smiling with my mouth way open.

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