Saturday, May 29, 2010

Strong Dreams

I am thinking about changing my diet. I had two really weird dreams a few nights ago, and they are still in my mind which usually doesn't happen.

In the first, which is not about changing my diet: it was a few years from now and I was heartbroken at having Andrew dead so I pressured his identical twin to have sex with me so I could have a baby "with Andrew". He agreed because he was quite distraught also, but we were in the ocean so we couldn't get close enough to manage sex- the waves just kept pushing me away. But, in real life his twin is a lady like me, not an identical twin. This dream has me worried about Andrew because he does a lot of risky things, like speeding, and I wouldn't like him to die.

In the second dream, I was being dropped off at prison via very slow bus. At the entrance of the prison, which was very like a train station, I was supposed to pick whatever I liked from the canteen/gift shop, but all there was was sweets and pastries. And I wouldn't eat them. And the man behind the counter and my attendant were very cross and said I would regret it later because I wouldn't get another chance what with being in prison and there might not be very much food so I should really eat something, or even eat as much as I could. But I felt full and if anything I wanted a piece of cow meat and they wouldn't let me out of the shop and into the prison.

Usually I have nice dreams or scary dreams, but they don't last in my waking life for more than a half hour or a day. So I have decided to listen to these two dreams and take good care of Andrew and not eat sugar... so that I can get into prison.

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