Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tiny Purse Test Run

Today I did a test of my project of having a yellow and pink luggage to cart around when I want Safety and a tiny yellow and pink purse to carry around when I want Freedom. For the test I found the tiniest bag I had, a camera case on a string, and put in only the things I could not bear to leave my house for a 3 hour class half a mile from my dorm. And it was a lot of stuff I crammed into that case. My phone, a print card, spare print card, and a dollar in coins as a backup to the print cards, my id, and a candy wrapper i had left in the strap part of the case for probably years, plus keys on their lanyard and a pen. And on the way to class with my newly pared down things I felt nice. A bit like when I threw away all of my pants. I am having a stronger patch of anxiety this past few days so that contributed negatively.

And I realized when I was almost to the library that in addition to wearing the case on its strap i was holding it in my hand in front of me. Because it was so light, and to make sure it was there. And I let myself do that because I was adjusting. It made me feel a bit less naked. And I had everything I needed, between the library and my 2 art classrooms. Then I remembered I had left some things in my luggage this morning when I drove down from Oakland, and the luggage was in my other art class because I used it to carry my art supplies. So on my first minimalist excursion I had to carry a bag of tortillas and a bottle of nail polish remover and a backup bottle of nail polish remover and all the rest of my toiletries. But I traced all of the toiletries and I will use them for the backdrop for the luggage because sometimes I carry that case in my swim bag if I am in a hurry and don't want to find just lotion, shampoo, and conditioner.

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