Friday, May 14, 2010

Public Art Mariposa Grove Project

I have started working on my public art final. I want it to be a tour of the Mariposa Grove/Willow house sustainable projects, that people can put on a backpack of jars that are modules that explain what a tourer is looking at around the gardens. The wood there is for a different backpack- I am making a wooden rack to put books on and wear about, places where people might need a book.
Here is the first drawing i did for a jar module, it is about weaving sticks into things. Weekend after this I will ask around who made each, and what it is called, and stuff. I want to do this part in whatever pen is on hand so people won't feel shy about modifying them.
This is my initial drawing of the metal backpack that will hold the jars.
This is the model I made out of paper and wire.

My original design didn't provide a way to get the jars open. I don't think this will be perfect but I think it will be sort of useful for dissemination.

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