Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finishing my Sculpture

I didn't know what to do with my womb, how to expand it for the rest of term. I had the startling realization that I don't want a womb to be safe in, after thinking for years (13 years that I have kept track of) that I would love a little safe space I found out that is not valuable to me. So I thought about incorporating that realization into the piece. Then I started thinking about how much being in that womb made me want to break free. And so giving myself that, that 34 hours of work to render a dream that I then didn't respond to the way I expected to, freed me. I felt uncertain what to do with the freedom. Maybe I could make another womb?

By the time proposals were due i had come up with making armor and a tiny purse, and I would let myself wear the armor (yellow fleece and pink faux fur) if I needed it, but with the awareness that that was over the top, and the purse (the same fleece and fur) was enough if I didn't need a crutch. My crit group didn't really get it because it was a very underdeveloped idea, so I decided to just start. And I traced everything I had in my test tiny purse, and it filled a large sheet of paper. And so that represented the minimum burden i was comfortable with. And then after class I started on the task of tracing everything I carry on a normal school day. I carry in addition to any books or papers or art supplies, a medium purse full of crap, a laptop bag, and lately a tote bag with my swimming stuff and a snack. I got through the purse part in pencil and partway inked. The rest can be tommorow. And so anyway, I realized instead of armor which is abstract I can have more literal luggage, pink and yellow oversized luggage. So I can have my possession crutches but I have to acknowlege the silliness of it with the luggage. Or, if I don't want to carry it about, I can travel with an appropriate amount of stuff in the tiny purse. So I think I am happy with this. I will get feedback weds
here is my sketch of the installation. the traced contents are on the wall, the luggage and purse on the wall or floor, and the womb is also displayed in the area.

here are two of the 9 pages I will have. the left page is not labeled yet but it will be. 8 of the pages are the luggage contents (well really my usual daily load. I think the luggage might be empty for display.) and one is the contents of the tiny purse. And these will be on the wall behind the purse and luggage.

So it is a way to acknowledge that my commitment to carrying my belongings for any eventuality is absurd, without taking the crutch away from me on days that I need it to feel comfortable.

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