Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Safe/Free Project Progress

I picked a working title. It is Safe/Free.

Oh man, I got all 9 pages traced, inked, labeled, erased (I don't have erasing muscles so my hand is like cramping. It started cramping partway through the first page, sigh.), and pinned (crookedly because I am not good at that part) to the wall. Also I am not sure it is okay to use the part of the wall I am using. It is partway in someone's piece, a nest/web of string and paper, but the piece is really big so it was unavoidable. And part of it is in someone's storage space. So I might move it outside or something for open studios, but I have it up to show my prof tomorrow. She told me monday we have to talk about the presentation of my work, but not the concept, so that's good. She said we should talk before I start working on this phase of the project, but instead I worked on it for 9 hours (3 yesterday and almost 6 today).

And also, I deliberately left my camera home because I didn't anticipate finishing this stage, and now I am sad because I wanted to take its picture.

Man, I really don't want to walk home in the cold. But I will be glad to have some dinner, for it is nearing 10.

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