Friday, May 14, 2010

Not my best week ever

I have a bottle of ink that sometimes leaks, so to carry it to my art class I tightened the top and put it in a jar and put it in my purse. So, thank goodness my purse wasn't full of ink, but I was still almost late to class pouring the ink back and washing the jar.

And that is kind of how my whole week has been. Not, like, horrible, but a lot of stuff messing me up. Like sawdust in my nose from working in the woodshop. My crocs catching on the carpet while I am carrying a lidless coffee. Forgetting for the third week in a row to order groceries. A sunburn. Wearing a low cut shirt on the hottest day ever and then discovering my sunburn was peeling attractively in my cleavage. A sunburn on my sunburn, and a new sunburn on my back. I put my harness on backward to climb a rockwall, but I got it sorted. (That was not really my fault, because the guy setting up was overhelping by saying I should put it on backwards then turn it around, so i put it on backward and then got up to the wall like, oh, the part with the carabiner should be in front.) I think my art classes are going really well, but today I was too tired to go to my once a week three unit class.

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