Sunday, July 1, 2007


There are really no words.

here is one transcription:

So if you’re not having a good time there’s no point in you being there. And these people’ve paid a lot of money. OK, I thought a lot of them were ripped off, absolutely terrible, you know, the, the rip-off, you know. And it was, they were, they were moving away from that deep-rooted, what was holiday camp, if you like, working class holiday. They were trying to move it up a notch, you know. Therefore what they tried to do was take the Scottishness out of it and make it more like Blackpool. But they were getting English people coming up from down south for the Scottish experience and they weren’t getting it.

And, eh, I, I’ve found that, ehm, you could take the mickey out the Irish; you could take the mickey out the Welsh; you could take the mickey out the Scots; but if you tried it on the English, cause the place was full of English managers, now not that I have anything against the English, but I’d get warning letters saying, “Please do not slag the English”. And I, I’d think to myself, “But I’m not, I’m not having a go; I’m not having a pop.” I do it to the Irish, I do it to myself, I do it to the Welsh and if you’re Australian, ho ho ho, you know, nae luck!

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