Saturday, June 30, 2007


I have always thought of fear and cowardice and timidity as sort of repulsive things to nurture in one's character, but somehow I left it out of my rather informal declaration of purpose ("I want to be epic"). I still want to be epic, but more essentially I want to be brave.

There are a lot of examples of people having poor bravery skills, but the internet is potentially rather public so I will summarize with: succumbing to fear is disgusting. If you are old enough to know better and have done it in front of me, rest assured that I have an indelible little bit of scorn for you that I somehow can't eradicate, and when I see you that's the first thing I think of and I have to squash it down in order to function politely.

If you disagree, you basically have to look up the Code Of The US Fighting Force, and you'll be right here with me.

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