Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who can have a summer job?

Caitlan can!

It's true. My business casual skills are still developing, though. But I work on the 17th floor of an office building. I have 4 bosses, because I am an intern and anyone at all can give me tasks, like getting coffee or filing things. But my workweek is only 15 hours, so I only have 4 people as my official bosses.

So far I have filled out a lot of paperwork, including a little that I didn't really understand about withholding money for taxes. I also got a company mug! And drank company coffee! And watched the sexual harrassment video! And and and! Got a company computer! And and and! An employee id number! Also keys to the office! I almost got keys to the company car for errands, but Mom told them I can't drive. I would have told them that too, of course.

I wasn't expecting HNTB to be just like ACLC, of course, because one is an engineering and design firm with 3000 employees nationwide and one is a charter 6-12 public school with 220 learners, but since one supplanted the other as the place I spend my time I naturally draw comparisons. It's cleaner and fancier and has more procedures to follow, but the most noticable difference is in the age. At ACLC I was either the oldest or in the oldest 10% (probably not if you count every staff member, but certainly if you go by how many were there at a given time) and so had to break up little scuffles between children and arbitrate various things for various people. At HNTB people don't get into fights over the chairs or computers, and I imagine if they did they would still be able to self regulate. I feel a little vapid and very young while I'm in that building, riding the elevator and alphabetizing and unlocking the ladies' room with my little bronze key.

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