Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fun, but not too much fun. Like chess.

You know people who read dictionaries, right?
That's super boring. Try it (no, don't actually try it, just imagine yourself trying it and dismiss the idea. You know you trust me- on this at least.) and you'll see. There are so many Super Fun Dictionary Games! You're never bored with a dictionary, unless you choose to read it. My game that I play (every night; this is apparently Dork Confession Time) is to look at the top of the page-the continuation of the previous page's last entry- and then the name of the entry after it, and try to come up with what the partially defined word is. Sometimes it is easy, like "...soup." for the fragment and "consonant (n)" for the next entry. Sometimes it is very hard, so hard that I fail, such as "...by melting" for the fragment and "fly (n)" for the next word.

Other Super Fun Dictionary Games
-choose a page. Count the entries. Close the book, write the first and last entries, and fill in words between to see how close you can get to the original number.

-get from one word to another by looking up words from successive entries, and see how few you can use. (It's less boring if you race someone. Although if you have another person there are absolutely tons of Exciting Games, and not just for the dictionary, so forget that.)

-choose the two words from the page that are closest to antonyms, and the two that are closest to synonyms. The two that work best win, and you can keep a tally for best of five. (It's epic! Like the eternal battle of light and dark.)(If that statement didn't bother you, look up epic.)

-after you use a particular dictionary a lot, try reading a word and coming up with the exact definition. You get points off for things you've left out or got wrong, and if you've missed more things than the word has letters, you've lost. (If you find you're good at it, try "red".)

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