Friday, July 6, 2007


So I spent yesterday sleeping and eating and feeling sort of gross and tired, and spent last night lying awake until 4 am, but I had work this morning and so here I am. But wow, I really do need sleep. Like I was in the kitchen looking for something that is easier than reformatting resumes and thought of eating the cereal the company provides and keeps in the cabinets. I opened the cabinet labeled "coffee/tea" and was sad to find that it contained no cereal, but elated to find that it contained tea! I love tea! Although my observation skillz apparently suck. Similarly, I got it back to my desk and discovered that it actually isn't very good tea, or maybe I'm too tired to make tea properly, so I got a green tea candy out of my bag to suck. Five minutes later the thought slowly formed in my brain "hey, the thing in my mouth tastes like the thing on my desk. That's sort of mysterious. I don't really like this taste. They taste like.. like... oh. tea. yes."

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