Friday, July 13, 2007


Remember the Never List? The list of things I will never, ever do voluntarily? "Discuss Racism", a longtime component of the list due to the inescapable emotional component of the issue suspending rationality and thus making discussions terribly unproductive and also frustrating, is off the list. And I haven't even started at my social justice college- I've only put my first assignment into my netflix queu.

I was reading about skin lightening (because no one at my office has a job for me and after half an hour of asking I decided to stop drawing attention to my uselessness) and wow, the colonial mindset is insane. And white privilege is interesting but I don't think I'm going to think about it in those terms because white people don't have special things that they don't deserve, it's more that many people who do deserve them don't get them.

Also there is something called being a race traitor, which would be using white privilege to reverse systemic racism by interracial marriage and promoting minorities in your office and things like that. Although I was planning on marrying an Irish person because the actors on The Black Donnelys are so fantastically attractive. And then there are the voices, like on the site I think I posted about before, the bbc dialect recordings. However, this has technically only been my plan since yesterday afternoon when I found the show on, so I suppose I might revise the plan at some point. Although I do really like the way those actors wear sweaters, it's amazing. I think I need to move to the UK, and I am sure they have some race-traitor tasks over there as well.

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