Friday, July 6, 2007

Pandora Radio

So I have a Pandora radio account with 20 stations and I sometimes find really good songs. But some stations really don't work- I tried to have a "Britney Spears" radio and it gave me everything that was super popular in 2002 or something, it was not what I wanted but I was, you know, still emotionally intact. But on my "Lily Allen" station there was an Emilie Simon song- "Never Fall In Love" - The Worst Song Ever, replacing Hips Don't Lie, even. But all day I've been kind of flighty and so I told myself I would listen to the whole thing and I'm not a wimp (I'll explain my Not A Wimp personal regimen later, but trust me for now) but by 2/3 completion I was gasping in my cubicle and I really should have stopped but my NAW training is such that I endured it and then went to wikipedia to check what the hell happened to that girl to warp her mind and vocal skills. And it turns out she's French.

Later, perhaps, I shall recover enough to explain my relationship with the French.

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Fiji said...

umm right ok this post and the one below it craziness... really now your just the same online as you are in real life. but it's all ok i'm not here to insult you in fact I find reading your posts quite enjoyable (could you tell me how to get pandora radio?) besides all that it was all cool. drop me a line