Friday, July 27, 2007


Like most people, I love new things and beautiful things, the sort of things that can be attained by shopping. However, shopping is one of the dreariest things ever because almost every aspect makes me uncomfortable. Mainly, of course, I don't like the people- they seem much ruder and also uglier than the average person. I don't like shoppers no matter which shop, a yarn store or a shoe store or the grocery store or a bookstore is going to be filled with unpleasant people. They just seem vaguely desperate and irritable, and sometimes they touch me or complain about the shopkeeper to me and I just don't like it. I like people at the park or the library or definitely the train, but shops attract the worst people on their worst behavior. The other unpleasant aspects of shopping pale in comparison, such as the distance from my house (HELLO, I use my bicycle to get around, how exactly can I buy mirrors from IKEA without my parents driving me which they won't because they think I have enough, which yeah right like I even have as many square inches of mirror as I have square inches of body!)or the lighting and music in shops.

But, from now on I will never go into a shop again except for food, because I have got a Visa card with a low limit and also a job. So far I don't think I'm going overboard, because it is the first day I activated it and the first day is sort of special, but it is true that I have to dial it back for tommorow and so on. Also I love getting packages in the mail because it is exactly like presents! If presents were the exact thing you wanted and then eagerly anticipated and then found one day at your house in a lovely box with no thank you note to write.

Although today I believe I spent 3 times as much as I earned. And the night is young. Youngish. Actually, not young, but I am too excited to sleep.

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