Friday, July 27, 2007


So today I bought a cardigan at Goodwill (with cables! and it'd such a good color, sort of slate blue). I'm not a very imaginitive person (I might not be as linear as other people but I don't just think things up from nowhere) so most of the timeI spend on the internet is spent on wikipedia, google images, or looking up things that I happen to see or interact with that day, such as "US Mail" "credit card" "beeswax" "mango allergy" "shampoo" and the like. Sometimes it's dead boring, like "Wells Fargo", but sometimes it ends up being amazing, and "Cardigan" is one of those:

"In an assassination attempt similar to the incident that took the life of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov, former Bulgarian state radio editor Vladimir Kostov survived an attack in Paris as he was leaving the subway when a Bulgarian secret agent injected into him a ricin-coated platinum pellet hidden in the tip of an umbrella. The agent failed to kill Kostov because the heavy woollen cardigan he was wearing that day kept the pellet from penetrating his skin too deeply. "

Cardigan's also a town in Wales. And then there's Cardiganshire. Which might be a farmtown or might be a steeltown but to me it is filled with librarians and teachers in little stone cottages overlooking rolling hills.

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