Friday, February 6, 2009



I own 32 navel rings, and I am not allowed to wear them for 4-6 months, because terrible things will happen! Terrible things like the piercing "rejecting" and migrating out of my skin. I bought these all on ebay for around $30*, and I opened the package and I think I screamed. I waited as long as humanly possible to try one on, which was 9 minutes. Guess where I have nerve endings. Hint: everywhere!!! So I am never changing it again, and need to think of something to do with all of these.

*one is the one they installed at the tattoo and piercing place, and one is from when I was 15 and going to get my navel ring before my parents backed out. This is my month of doing everything I have ever wanted to, if you couldn't tell.

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