Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well, I am not celebrating lent this year, but I think the fasting from the start of spring until the warm part of spring is just something circadian, because I am not feeling like eating anything. Yesterday I ate like it was a friday in lent; a handful of peanuts at breakfast so I could pay attention at my midterm, and then some milk at dinner time. And that is not too substantial, so I put a potato in the oven but after a while of waiting for it to cook I got bored and put it away for later. I went grocery shopping and bought pork loins and brought them home and I have to use them or freeze them.

Then today I had an apple at breakfast but then the hostel was going to buy the staff lunch because we had a crazy long staff meeting. And I was like, "no thanks, I won't be hungry until Sunday after mass." Ugh.

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Caitlan said...

Followup: I am apparently just eating potatoes and juice. But I am DEEP FRYING the potatoes.

Because it uses less energy than keeping the oven on for 40 minutes to cook one potato.

Also it is very delicious.