Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unicycling Day 3

Well, I went to the co op and they showed me how to hacksaw the seatpost. Very neat. I took off 2 1/2 inches and now I can reach the pedals properly. And if it turns out I am babying myself and it is supposed to be higher I can still raise it like 5" higher. Last night we had three boys at the hostel with their dad, and when they arrived at 10pm they immediately went out again on unicycles. They had little ones though. They have paid through tonight, so perhaps I will ask to try their unicycles. I will at least ask how they learned.

So, progress report: I am progressing quite slowly! I got the hang last time of pedaling along next to the fence holding on, but toward the end when I tried to pedal next to the fence without holding on I fell and hurt myself because there are so many things to fall into or onto. So this time I went to the parking structures where there are concrete stopping bricks beside the wooden support posts for the rain roof. I used the brick and post to get on the unicycle, the post to balance there for a bit, and then tried to unicycle away from the post. I can travel about 3 feet by unicycle. But it doesn't feel like real unicycling because I am falling the whole time even though it takes a few rotations before I actually fall -off-. I came inside before I was tired because I stopped improving and was discouraged.

I have found the very loveliest place to unicycle, but it is not accompanied by stopping bricks and posts. Less that 25 yards from the parking structure I was using there is a lovely cement walking path* that parallels the drop off hill, so there is a terrific view of really steep forest and the sky, and a good view of the town and water. It is soooo pretty, especially because the weather today is really nice. (But it got cloudy while I waited for my camera to charge)

you know what, I am going to go back out and take pictures and at least try until I am tired.

*the sign forbids lots of things on behalf of pedestrian safety, but luckily not unicycles.

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I've always wanted to learn...
I might hurt myself at this age....
hope u see some sunshine today
mona& the girls