Saturday, February 28, 2009

Holy mixed tenses batman!*

Dream House! I was talking with someone about dream houses, like on Cribs, and mine is a gypsy caravan. I suppose mansions are more popular, but I would need a *lot* of shetland ponies to cart it around, and you know what? My ponies are not really labor animals, they are just going to do their pony thing and hey! my caravan will follow them.
okay, imagine this ^ caravan shape but if Sergey Tyukanov designed it:Um, I will try to draw a picture and scan it in, as mossy flying boots are not really quite right.
Oh, wait, this is more like it. Same artist.

I will wear a peacoat when I take my caravan to freezing cold places but my little animals will be safe because of terraria.

such as these.
Also, this.
And in the terraria will be tiny animals, like threadsnakes, geckos, and very small frogs.**
And also these monkeys, although they can also be in the living space as long as they are not aggressive.
This is a kennel. I think the monkeys might like it, but it would not fit well in the caravan. Maybe it can go on top.

The caravan needs a lot of windows, clear so the sunlight comes in but stained glass instead of clear because that is more private.

I will have a lot of dinosaur stuff, like bronze skeletons and olden times sketches. The caravan needs a nice bathroom, because it is my imagination caravan and so it can be impractical. This is heat sensitive ultraglass. In real life I cannot have ultraglass because I would waste away sitting on the floor pressing my hands and face on it and spraying it with the showerhead and eventually I would die, all pruney, on the floor, the heatglass gradually turning black beneath me.
This is a cloud cover showerhead. It is meant to feel like showering in the rain. Um, the floor would have a corresponding forced air panel, which would feel like the mojave breeze.

Um. I really like daybeds. I think this bed is kind of not cool enough for my caravan but I do like the silhouette. Probably there will just be a built in wooden platform and I will put a little mattress on it. Actually my bed is the part of my life that already matches my dream house.

* I can barely differentiate between my life, my future life, and stuff I am just making up.
**also I will buy some of Thomas Doyle's bell jar art to mix in.


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