Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unicycling Day 2

Today went well. I can get on with only one hand on the fence to steady myself, and I was letting go of the fence and then grabbing it when I started to fall. I still can't ride without the fence, however there must be lots of paved roads with a wall alongside, so I can imagine myself traveling happily along them. I find myself skipping forward to Chamillionaire's "ridin' dirty" on my ipod when I ride my bike sometimes. It's ironic because I am obeying all of the laws and police aren't targeting me. Today I noticed that I skip to the same song when I am on my unicycle... that's not even irony. That is so far beyond ironic. I made myself listen to Britney Spears' more appropriate song "circus" the rest of the session. Then, I fell into a planter and scraped my shin on the edging and went hobbling inside, because I am not really a gangster in real life. "because I am not really a gangster in real life" can be attached to everything I say. Now I am going to go to the bike co-op to get my seat post shortened.

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