Friday, February 6, 2009

Lava Lamp

I have wanted a lava lamp for my entire life, very acutely for the last 5 years. I can't explain why I never got one, not really. I asked for one at every christmas and birthday, and Mom would bid on them on ebay and so forth, and somehow I never actually got one. When I pointed this out about 3 years ago Mom made a point of calling all of the big retailers around and asking if they had lava lamps in stock. This culminated in us driving to San Lorenzo or some mall town and finding out that instead of lava lamps the shop had glitter lava night lights. And I liked my little glitter nightlight (it has gone missing in one of my moves, but I am sure it will turn up) but it was not a lava lamp. Also, at night I can't see because I put my contacts in their little case. I need big wax blobs, not twinkly glitter.

Anyway, I have been shopping for one on ebay for a few months... it is vital to choose the Exact Perfect Lamp, because I will have it until I die. I examined listings for maybe 700 lamps and it came down to pink with white wax, or orange with white wax. I agonized for days about which was better, and then I went with orange.

I think I am kind of addicted to my lamp. I usually can't sleep so I stared at it for maybe 3 hours last night before I got bored or tired enough to rest. And then in the morning I woke up when my first alarm went off, so that I could look at it before school. It was hard to convince myself to leave it to go to school. I am very dependent on it, I think. I really do not know why. I will just stare at it, like it's so fascinating to watch wax float. It is pretty much the perfect amount of activity and complexity for me. My other lamp has too little, and television has too much.

I can't believe I almost bought the pink.

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