Monday, November 17, 2008

Wow. This post needs some culling.

I have been very interested in Fat Advocacy lately- I don't really know why except that I am in that place of nonconformity that comes after kneejerk teenage rebellion (shut up, I rebelled in my own scattered, happy way) to affect the optimistically cynical college students who see that every single system ever is oppressing people!!!, and it should stop! It should stop right now!!! And if it takes angry blogging, or agreeing with like minded people over coffee, or -gasp- even raising our hands to agree with a liberal prof, we are going to do it, because if you're not part of the solution, etcetera.

Okay. Now leaving Tangent Land. Fat Advocacy. Right. It is a really neat movement. It is based on the fact that people are all worthy of respect regardless of their looks. And, you can be fit or out of shape at any weight. And, it doesn't matter whether you are fit at your weight because that is your own body and your own choices.

Some parts of it seem wrong to me- supposedly overweight people can't lose weight despite dieting and exercise. That seems wrong to me. Even if you have a kick ass metabolism that can make all day nutrition out of an apple, you still would lose weight at some point.

But oh my gosh, fat activist blogs are awesome. I read middle class mommy blogs because look! It is my future! [Which, when I was little I thought I would be just like Barbie when I grew up because apparently I did not have a short artsy brunette doll to obsess over, so we shall see how middle class and maternal I turn out] and sometimes they post about diets or how they are too fat or something and it is just heartbreaking because JESUS CHRIST WOMAN, DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO GET ANOTHER LIFE? AAUGH YOU HAVE MORE MONEY AND FREEDOM THAN ANY ONE OF YOUR ANCESTORS AND YOU ARE WASTING IT! (I mostly do not post comments on mommy blogs) but FA blogs are the opposite! They are like "Look how I used ribbons to make knee high boots fit my legs" and that is just so refreshing!

And, I found a related but heavier blog that I can really sympathize with because wow, doctors are mean. I too have not been to a doctor in 6 years because the last time I was there mine said I was fat. (I would go if I felt sick.) I forget exactly what she said and I am sure it was not too aggressive because I didn't cry right away, but I think it was a very thorough appraisal of what I eat and what I should eat and how dangerous fat is. And I think she squeezed my stomach to make her point. And I think she was kind of fat. And I had to go to a nutritionist who gave me a lot of instructions about what to eat, and THEN had me write down what I ate for 3 days, so I ate the foods she said to (because I was about to have to go back and share my food log) and she said I was eating well but not eating enough so my body was working to store fat so I could menstruate. Which, fun fact, that is not science. And I still am not sure that I'm over it, but I'm over it enough to partake of medical science once again.

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