Monday, November 3, 2008

Excuse me while I devour this halloween candy.

Because it is small, and bright, and sweet.
I had a sad day. I had two opposite conversations:

#1: this afternoon, talking with a friend
Her: There're these cute little condos, and one was getting sold? It was in escrow? But now it fell through, so my parents are going to bid on it.
C: For what?
Her: For me to live in! Duh! *laughs*

#2:this evening, talking with a man
Him: Did anyone reported a missing wallet they had found?
C: No, sorry, do you want to file an incident report?
Him: It was my credit card and my phone that was gone from my backpack when I had looked for them.
C: I'm sorry to hear that.
Him: Yeah and I needed it because between my credit I had sixty dollars and my debit I had one eighty, it was enough to go to Nevada.
C: Oh.
Him: I have to go to Nevada to talk with the National Guard.
C: Why do you have to go to Nevada? Don't we have that in California?
Him: I saw the ad on craigslist. I'm tired of doing little jobs, a few hours and then nothing. I had had just enough money. I looked up a greyhound ticket. And I had had it, but then my card is gone. And the guy, he thinks I'm coming, I didn't told him.
And on and on. So I found the name and number for the MEPS in Mountain View. Because the bus there is like $10. And I felt bad for helping someone enlist. But at least he is not stranded in freaking Nevada.

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Robert van de Walle said...

You're not so small but you are definitely bright and sweet. I hope that guy's stuff shows up, though I don't think it will. That makes me sad. I need some candy now.