Friday, November 14, 2008

Or, I could move abroad.

There are some jobs that continually appeal to me, but since they need post grad studies I don't think about them much. I would like to be an art therapist or a financial adviser for low income or young people. But ew! extra school after I finish school! I am smart but not interested in academic abstractions, and more school than necessary makes me feel tired.

But in my macro etext I read that people who graduate during a recession spend months longer finding a job than their counterparts who graduate during an expansion. Which I knew and am not worried about because whatever, I will just try harder than the other graduates and find a great job anyway. But then the textbook said that when you do get hired during a recession, you get paid on average 9% less. Which, whatever, I will just live in a spacious cardboard box. But THEN the textbook said that these income differences persist for 8-9 YEARS! So taken all together that seems to indicate that if you graduate during a recession you are essentially earning 1 year less of salary over the course of 10 years. The imbalance doesn't correct until your early 30s.

So apparently I am taking a full 4 years to graduate and then getting an MFA. (That is the only kind of masters I think I could stand, except MBA which I think you are not supposed to apply right out of undergrad) And I think everyone is going to start doing this, so yay degree inflation.

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