Thursday, November 20, 2008

I found something neat!

Sometimes some things strike me as "that is why we were worth intelligently designing". Probably 15 things in the world make me feel like that. Some things almost do, like the world islands in Dubai, but this really does:

I love you tiny wooly mammoth! You can buy one here: but instead I am going to make one out of willpower. Possibly if my willpower one is too insubstantial I will buy one. But if it sits uncompleted like my paper clock I would feel too too awful.

This is a paper clock. A GIS revealed that no one has ever successfully completed one. But I am going to. I think I got discouraged when my gigantic main cog was a tiny bit crooked, so slightly that you can't see the crooked but when you turn it it wobbles. But there are a lot of copies of it that no one has attempted, and I am going to buy them and assemble them and hang them up and one of them will work, someday.

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