Sunday, November 23, 2008

Surviving on my own...

...Or: how sometimes i can barely keep from going blind, go to sleep at night, keep track of money I earn, or feed myself.

So I keep my purse and my closet pretty messy, because I am physically incapable of devoting time to tidying when I don't feel like it. Yesterday (or actually this morning at 4 am) I couldn't sleep and my eyes started hurting so which made me realize I am due for switching my contacts but they were (of course) lost so I seized the opportunity to re sort everything I have. It is pretty easy because I only have clothes and school stuff and toiletries in my half bedroom in Santa Cruz. And I found a check from the hostel from October 15th. Nice. I also found my casio graphing calculator that I thought I'd left in Oakland, which was good except I can't make it do the statistics things I need because my textbook (of course) is tailored to Texas Instruments. Also It was 5 am. I will give it another shot now that I'm properly awake. It has a much nicer design than the TI ones. I also found that I have ninety billion pretty shirts and fifty pretty skirts that I have been ignoring.

Then at noon, when I woke up again, I realized that I am practically out of food. I have tortillas, coffee, sugar, soup, butter, juice, and cheese. And rice a roni, but I apparently can't make that on an electric stove. Oh, and I have popcorn too. So, I am doing a 3 day fast. Because I honestly would rather not eat anything than go to Safeway. For the record, safeway is about a mile from my house. But the last time I went all the things I bought tasted kind of terrible except the salad.

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