Friday, November 7, 2008

It is so hard for me to major in something. I am looking at art with a business econ minor, or the other way around. Because in college, you can't think about what you like to watch movies about, you have to think about what you would be happy spending your career on. Also what you are good at.

I know I can't major in a science, because in science you have to slog through data and learn the technical details of things. I just want to be impressed. I am looking at the sun from the 8-minutes-ago-past? Wow! Looking at the sun will damage my retina---- augh too much facts make it be the end! There used to be gigantic monsters all over the planet? And I can see a rock version of their actual bones? Woah! Plants turn sunshine into food? Cornstarch in water can support our weight? Europe would be the climate of greenland if not for ocean currents? There is a rodent that weighs as much as me? Aaugh too scary make it be the end!

I do like the natural world a lot and I am glad that people understand it but I feel like there has to be a job that involves only conceptual science. Right now I can only think of jobs that involve children, like illustrating children's books. I desperately want to be in a gypsy caravan of science teachers. I would want the space caravan. Also the dinosaur caravan. Also the geology caravan. And we could travel the world telling people, "Look, this is science! Write it down! Elasmosaurus was a water dinosaur that evolved from a land dinosaur that evolved from a fish! And it was big!"

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