Saturday, January 12, 2013

Through My Window, a Zine

A meatspace web crossover zine! The expensive parts, the color photos, are free at flickr. It is a bit rough. I made a couple dozen of these to leave at the same site I took these photos and spent all these hours thinking of how this project could work, with the result that it took me three years to get started and only several hours to put it together to my own satisfaction.

I took photos from every bedroom on the 6th floor of a vacant dorm. Then I uploaded those to flickr, There's a transcience to student life, in particular dorm living. As a Student Maintenance worker I spent long summers cleaning and painting and repairing the empty dorms. I felt a connection with the students as I threw away their forgotten earrings or took their garbage poking stick back to the woods or helped repair their dismantled water fountain. And, I didn't want the connection to be so one-sided. So I took a photo from each bedroom window on the sixth floor. The paper zine tells that link. One of the things that bothered the student workers most is the idea that no one would care about our efforts, so I shot this video of how long it takes me to clean part of a hallway.

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