Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rainbow Sketchbook Pages

I like to see a rainbow when I flip through my sketchbook, or when I open it somewhere dreary.

 Casey gave me a book of Galway Kinnel love poems, and I transcribed part of one on an ultramarine wash. The stamps are a handcarved moon, and Casey's Baby Lenin signature stamp. I stamped them forever ago with Imperial Blue and Cyan pigment ink, and I found the page when I was cleaning out my briefcase.
 This watercolor ground came out ugly. I glued on a platypus skeleton and a tardigrad, transcribed the beginning of the Doctor Who wikipedia page, and drew stick figures of some stretches that work really well for me.
A color-blending plaid overlaid with shapes I found on a computer flowcharting stencil. Also a photo of the top of one of the dining halls at my alma mater.

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