Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve and Day!!!

I love putting everything in order for New Year's Day. I like it even more than any festivities on offer. My usual tradition is to deep clean everything and make resolutions, but when I read the superstitions a knitting writer observes I got excited. I equipped the young men in my life with salt and instructions to return home before I do, which felt kind of like a tradition because I've had housemates arrange it before. And I put out a bowl of silver coins (and since they aren't silver I added charm that had to retire from my charm bracelet) to catch the 2012-2013 moonlight. Day-to-day proscriptive superstitions don't interest me but I love them for NYE/Day.

I did a good job meeting last year's super involved and fussy resolutions. I can tell that's not what I need this year. In December 2011 I set a year's worth of monthly goals, and then each month I spent some time thinking about the goal and sent a postcard out into the world with the goal on it, and then getting it in the mail would help me keep on track. I sent all of them out, but I only have 9 of them. I attribute that to moving 4 times.

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