Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oil Pastel Resists for Watercolor

Today I discovered that oil pastels can be used as a resist for watercolors. This opens up a lot of possibilities because I am really bad with pastels, I feel like they just make smudgy impressions that get grayer as you work. I was excited to use my new technique to copy this blurry photo of the Jefferson Monument that I love:

Oh. It's not masking fluid. Once the pastel resist goes down that part will never be water colored. I put this pastel down very loosely, obviously, because I couldn't see it (white on white) and I usually put my fake masking fluid (rubber cement) down generally where I want it. 
 So I did a whole work up with layers- pencil sketch, ink pen, pastels, paint, ink. I think it looks perfect, exactly how I'd hoped, but the fact that it photographs so badly makes me think it needs a little more attention.

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