Thursday, September 23, 2010

New School Year!

I am not off to a very solid start this year. My last day of work was 5 days before my first day of school so I have been having a pretty good time hanging out, relaxing, shopping for back to school, and taking out my dreads. I'm super excited to start classes but very reluctant to let go of this short window of freedom. So while I am definitely prepared enough for tomorrow (I have one studio class from 1-3:45) my everything is in disarray. I am in Oakland, not Santa Cruz, and my trunk is stuffed with clean laundry, my printer, groceries and bento supplies, and so on. It will take a long time to get everything squared away in its closet or cupboard and it would be a cleaner start to the school year to have done all that today. However, this term my schedule starts very gradually. The only class I have this week is the one I have tomorrow. That gives me 3 days in Santa Cruz to get everything tidy and prepped before my first proper week of class.

My hair looks like it died and my nail polish is destroyed and my bike has a flat tire and my perishables are all in my boyfriend's parents' fridge and I have just about enough gas to get home.

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