Thursday, September 9, 2010

mailed art project update

I put the first postcard in this mailbox at 6am on Wednesday. I don't want to post any until they are received so maybe I will do a big post in a month when I am done.

I did 12 postcards so far. 11 of them are pretty good. One of them, oh my gosh, is so bad. It was an idea for my sketchbook and since I am carrying these postcards and deliberately not carrying my sketchbook I wrote it down on one. Then i "illustrated" it in pastels and crayon. Then since it had a stamp and an address I put it in the mail. I will send that person a proper card shortly.

I got a fish today, and postcards 9-12 are about fish.


Olie said...

Don't be too self-judgemental. I bet you a dollar that the recipient of the "awful" postcard cherishes it.

I'm not sure exactly why you're doing this (hey, YOU'RE the enlightened one! ;) but, from the recipient's POV, the joy stems from your gesture of love -- that you took the time to create something and reach out to bring it to them. Deprecating this is like criticizing a hug. There is no such thing as a bad (sincere) hug.

Caitlan said...

you're right actually, when I apologized to her she told me she loved it. thanks for the kind words :)